Once upon
a time…

The Serious Sweet Company and Threesixty
collaborated to bring this most luxurious of
brands to life. A ground-up positioning
exercise aimed at refreshing the category and
encouraging consumers to re-evaluate fudge.

The brief; to enhance pop in the chiller cabinet, drive brand recognition
and deliver better taste appeal.

The new range sells through Ocado in the UK and Dutch retailers
on the continent.

Fudge Kings launched to the Trade at ISM, in Cologne 2018, and
immediately gained listings in the USA, New Zealand, Hungary,
Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. We will share the
next chapter of the Fudge Kings story soon….

Jon and his team have not only
re-vitalised our brands, bringing a
boldness and confidence to the brand
and pack designs, they have also
re-energised our desire and brought
fresh thinking to our approach. And
this is done without the jargon!


– Rob Whitehead,
Managing Director
Contact Jon Stevens for further information