A tasty slice
of the bread

Formed in 1886, Hovis is one the UK’s oldest
brands and a staple in households across the
nation. To support two news loaves – a
wholemeal variant and a white loaf – we were
tasked with bringing together Hovis’s heritage,
high quality ingredients and the tasty bake
texture into this flagship design.

Our less-is-more design strategy allows the
carefully-crafted loaf to be clearly visible
while the wheat sheaf illustrations deliver
the cues that identify this loaf as the very
best that Hovis bakes.

The designs re-opened new mass-retail
channels for Hovis andremains a strong
performer three years from launch.

Jon and his team have not only re-vitalised
our brands, bringing a boldness and confidence
to the brand and pack designs, they have also
re-energised our desire and brought fresh
thinking to our approach. And this is done
without the jargon!
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